Services | Mining & Mineral Claim Projects

Dunn Land Surveys is currently responsible for the location and maintenance of hundreds of mineral claims in the Boise Basin and Deadwood Mining District. Our clients rely on our experience to successfully prepare, document and locate their mineral claims on the ground. They rely on our experience to maintain a database of all previously located active claims and currently located mineral claims near the mine and verify conformance with BLM standards by “ground truthing” these claims and eliminating “overstaking” by others and ensuring unrestricted claim boundaries. In addition Dunn Land Surveys works side by side with geologists and mining staff to effectively gather information needed in the day to day operations of the mine including:
  • Geo referencing historic map data identifying previously located veins and samples on the ground
  • Preparing topographic and quantitative surveys of tailings and processed material
  • Coordinating with LIDAR officials and establishing GPS control on site during flight and conducting site profiles to verify the LIDAR data
  • Conducting topographic surveys of drill pads, drill holes and azimuth marks
  • Preparing exhibit maps, Right-of-way easements, Records of Survey and legal descriptions
  • Construction Staking
  • Researching lands open to mineral acquisition and active claims
  • Preparing Affidavits
  • “Ground Truthing” over staked claims
  • Maintain a database of valuable information utilizing easy to operate GIS software to collaborate and better visualize information with our clients.